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Drainage work



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Drainage on hole 17


The decision was made to install drainage on the right hand side of the 17th fairway as this has been a problem area for a number of years. Contractors were brought in to carry out the work and worked along side our Deputy Head Greenkeeper Steven Carmichael who was made clerk of works for the duration of the operation. Due to the intermittent weather it was agreed that the project should take place during the season. Work started on the 31st August with our green staff stripping the turf from the 150 metre main drainage line.


Turf stripped from 150 metre main drainage line.

Turf stripped from 150 metre main drainage line.


The outlet for the main drainage line is the existing ditch which runs along side the practise area. Once the levels were established the contractors dug the full length of the main drain with an inspection chamber installed at the half way point. The pipe used for the main drainage line was 6 inches and the Spurs were 4 inches and spaced at 7 metres when possible. In total, there is 20 Spurs each one measuring at 18 metres from the main pipe.


6″ main pipe being installed

The main was then back filled with 40mm drainage gravel. Some of the sub-soil that was encountered only goes to show how vital the operation was to be carried out.




Clay layer

With the unpredictable weather the Spurs were dug, piped and gravelled one by one. Digger track mats were used to help minimise disruption caused by the digger and the dumper. Once all the Spurs were completed the contractor then topped up the trenches with quality top soil which was stock piled when the original trench was being excavated. Our own green staff then replaced the turf on the main line and all the Spurs to finish the project. The plan is to aerate in between the Spurs with our verti-drain to open up the surface after the traffic it received from the heavy plant machinery.